Posted by: Jason Tudor, PAO | 22/09/2009

Academy professor joins international MC team

Lt Col Thomas Drape

Lt. Col. Thomas G. Drape is the Air Force Academy Chair at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies. He is engaged as deputy director of the Program in Advanced Security Studies (PASS) at the College of International and Security Studies.

Colonel Drape came through his position in the US Air Force Academy to the Marshall Center.

 “Actually, I’m wearing two hats at the same time,” he said, because he is working for both institutions.

Among other positions, he has served as an international programs specialist, deputy for operations, director of curriculum, and assistant professor in the department of management at the U.S. Air Force Academy. The experiences from his former jobs are a great help and inspiration for his current tasks.

 “My profession at the Marshall Center definitely has similarities with some of my former positions, but no two positions are the same and the one in the Marshall Center is very special,” Drape said.

He said he has been fortunate because he has had the pleasure of an interesting career with a wide variety of positions and the chance to become acquainted with other cultures.

“The plurality of different nationalities and the level of professionalism was one of my first impressions of the Marshall Center,” he said.

He said the ability to interact with students from all over the world in the beautiful area of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany is an incredible opportunity for him.

Colonel Drape earned his doctorate in international business and management at the University of Navarra in Spain and finished his Master’s with an emphasis on international business relations from the University of Pittsburgh’s Katz Graduate School of Business. Having studied in Barcelona, he has become used to operating in an international environment and speaking a foreign language.

“Actually, it is not as hard this time to live overseas in Germany. My family and I, we lived for more than three years in Spain and I have visited several other foreign countries during my military career. I am a little more familiar with living in foreign countries and overcoming some of the cultural difficulties,” he said.

Colonel Drape has worked here since July, but the seminars he will be teaching will begin in September.

“We are all looking forward to it and we will be ready for our number one priority, the students,” Drape said with a smile.


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