Posted by: Jason Tudor, PAO | 05/11/2009

Azerbaijan seminar focuses on stability operations

Azerbaijan seminar focuses on stability operations

Marshall Center Prof. James Wither, Maj. Gen. Ramiz Nadjafov, Head of International Military Cooperation Department for the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense; and Marshall Center Professor Dr. Ann Phillips. Photo by Joseph Embler

GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany – Promoting a “whole of government” approach to stability operations and challenging leaders to think similarly, professors from the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies recently conducted a seminar in Azerbaijan.

The Stability Operations Regional Education Team Seminar provided a two-day, stability operations mobile course Oct. 29-30 focused on building Azerbaijani capacity in stability operations, according to Joseph N. Embler, Alumni Relations Specialist. This seminar uses Marshall Center Professors to engage senior military and civilian officials in the complex subject that is stability operations.

“It requires participants,” Mr. Embler said, “to examine the need for and challenges of stability, security, transition and reconstruction operations, develops an understanding of the roles of various players, including non-governmental organizations and private corporations, as well as the important factors in building host nation’s capacity and legitimacy.”

Azerbaijani Maj. Gen. Ramiz Nadjafov, head of the Ministry of Defense International Cooperation Department gave opening remarks. General Nadjafov, also a Marshall Center alumnus, answered questions, made comments, and encouraged all the participants to speak freely and represent their ministries with questions relevant to the seminar.

“It appeared clear that MG Nadjafov’s encouragement made a distinct impact on the participants from all ministries and organizations to engage actively in the discussions,” Mr. Embler said.

Approximately 40 participants attended consisting of ministries of defense, foreign affairs, national security, justice, emergency situations, and transportation as well as the border service. Mr. Embler said most participants attended the full two-day seminar and about half of the participants were Marshall Center alumni.

Dr. Ann Phillips, director of studies for the Program for Security, Stability, Transition and Reconstruction here, presented “Introduction to the Contemporary SSTaR Environment” and “Building Host Nation Institutional Capacity.” James Wither, professor of national security studies, presented “NATO’s New Strategic Concept: A Place for SSTaR?” and “The SSTaR Military Operational Environment.”

Dr. Phillips and Professor Wither also conducted two panels and two case studies.


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