Posted by: Jason Tudor, PAO | 08/03/2010

Field Study Day 3 update

Israeli Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Daniel Ayalon

Israeli Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Daniel Ayalon

Tremendous day of speakers, media opportunities and music.

Our day started with a raft of speakers. The Vice prime Minister of Israel, Moshe “Bogie” Ya’alon spoke to the students for almost an hour on a wide range of Israeli issues. He was preceded by the deputy minister of foreign affairs, Daniel Ayalon (related coverage here). They also brought a number of media people in tow. So, we were able to put the Marshall Center’s very own Dr. Jay Le Beau up for a pair of interviews with a nation-wide news outlet and the Jerusalem Post. He’ll be in Tuesday’s edition.

The remainder of the speakers included Israeli army officers as well as Israeli police officials. Insights to a variety of different aspects of their professions, including some fascinating inside knowledge, made the afternoon fly by. Questions from the students were also robust, especially concerning Israel-Palestine and other relations.

In the evening, the students were treated to a performance by the Israeli Air Force band. They played a few tunes. The students loved it and we were able to thank our hosts for the opportunity to come to Israel. Three of our students also agreed to speak to the Israeli army radio. Great stuff.

Tuesday, we’re off on a field trip. I’m excited about the location and should be able to provide some great photography later in the evening. Wednesday’s trip could be even more interesting. Unfortunately, for security reasons, I can’t tell you about either until after they’ve happened.

I’ve added some new photos to our Facebook fan page. I’ve also added a video to our YouTube channel with a snippet from the IAF band performance.

More tomorrow.


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